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Well, it turns out Keith actually does have a reason to be concerned.Nicole Kidman actually caught Russell’s eye years ago and during an interview with Oprah Winfrey Russell actually confessed that he would have “killed to have a date with Nicole,” but at the time Nicole wasn’t single.I predict major ugly-crying happening in the theaters, deservedly so.Get entertainment, celebrity and politics updates via Facebook or Twitter. , he said: "Obviously, at the time any kind of ending a part of a relationship like that is gonna be heavy man.And it must have been hard for both of them." He added: "When I said that joke about the divorce Nicole got me, that is said with a deep affection and love for both of them.Now that Russell Crowe is a single man – Keith is not happy about how close he is getting to Nicole.According to the June 15 edition of National Enquirer, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman had a huge fight when he overheard her complaining about their many marital problems to Crowe.

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in Australia, the journalist alleged that the 54-year-old father wanted to dig into the then up-and-coming star’s relationship to Kidman and pry inside his personal life.

Moorhouse reprimanded Crowe for his behaviour during a love scene, after the actress involved complained that the then unknown Crowe was forceful to the point she was frightened. Moorhouse was nervous this time around when Crowe, now arguably the world's most bankable star, was brought in, or, some say, imposed on her.

With Crowe came the surety of Fox Searchlight funding.

In an interview with Kyle and Jackie O on their KIIS FM breakfast show, the 53-year-old said of the couple’s nasty divorce, “Obviously, at the time any kind of ending a part of a relationship like that is gonna be heavy man.” “And it must have been hard for both of them,” he added.

Cruise and Kidman split in 2001 after ten years of marriage.

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