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If that happens we'll end up with a stale data visible on the screen.

The recommended approach to working around that in Core Data are notifications. We have to handle initial fetch and future updates in (two) completely different ways. It's not just me too, as it's against current development practices, such as FRP.

Custom migration is quite a powerful tool and you can perform all kinds of transformations, e.g., change relationships or merge entities.

In this guide, only changes of the attribute’s type are discussed, but this might be a good starting point for other kinds of migrations, too.

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We want to have a view controller showing a user profile.

When I started writing this article I planned to show how to use to elegantly handle the use case we're discussing.

However, while writing a wrapper for it I started feeling that I'm going against the grain.

Once you understand the principle, you notice that the code is not easy to do too.

There is a tons of line of code to manage and it becomes a nightmare when you have to work in a multi-threading context.

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