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Nervously waiting a few months after finding a lump in one breast, Magda (Cruz) finally drags herself to see her gynecologist, Julian (Asier Etxeandia), who soon delivers the bad news: She will need a mastectomy, preceded by debilitating chemo treatments.Magda takes the distraught man to the hospital, then continues visiting him there after her own subsequent radiation therapies — which she’s informed no one else about, her self-absorbed academic husband, Raul (Alex Brendemuhl), having recently abandoned the family for an affair with a student.

It was so funny, because Judi and Kenneth are fun together; and she teases him.

Ask a movie buff what is common between the films, ‘Open Your Eyes’, ‘The Girl of Your Dreams’, ‘Vanilla Sky’ and ‘Blow’ and without a second to spare, out would come the reply, Penelope Cruz!

A truly charismatic Spanish actor of substance, Penelope Cruz cruised her way to the big screen with her exceptional talent, captivating appeal and skilled approach.

In the new Murder On The Orient Express, Cruz plays Pilar Estravados, a mysterious missionary.

‘She’s very plain,’ the actress declared.‘She has to look like this because she’s very religious and not at all interested in seducing anybody.

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