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If you want to write a book, setting a Challenge that says you’ll write for 2 hours a day will automatically trigger some progress and mental momentum, because you know that if you just do that over and over again, for six months, chances are very good you’ll have at least a rough draft in place when you’re done.

I love to make lots of big life changes at once, but the data shows that massive behavior changes just don’t stick for most people. The fact that you go into a Challenge knowing the time frame is finite often allows you to tap into those deep stores of energy and discipline that are hard to access when you’re more vaguely trying to build a new habit or practice.

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Instead of “write a book,” Challenge yourself to write something—anything—every day for 30 days, and watch what happens. A Challenge is a competition, but it’s only between you and you. Don’t turn the tone of this experience from growth to self-critique, harshness or perfectionism. The flexibility of the standards makes Challenges fun. They’re fond of pushing people to hold hard postures with the encouragement that “you can do anything for 30 seconds! Even when they’re super hard, they are also generally fast. And you always have the option of continuing the practice, or some portion of it, after the Challenge is over.Challenges also usually involve some level of tracking and accountability, and are often also (naturally or formally) social, all of which increase the probability of your actually doing the activity at hand compared with the likelihood you’d do it without the Challenge.Challenges set you up to experience significant momentum and progress toward a project or change that matters to you.We keep up with the latest psychological research and trends to inform how to get the most out of life, we use great writers, seek out expert opinion, and give well-supported advice.We also have a strong ethos of positivity, in interviews, health, wellbeing and beauty.

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