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On the Marie interview DD mentions 2 antiflake tales.

I really like the series, DD is a savvy interviewer and has many insights which he adds.

It doesn’t bring you much status, especially not with women or the straighter members of society. Soon, like myself, your superb writing skills will endow you with legions of rabid fans. Develop your seminars into a one man comedy act for men, or go full Tony Robbins. Then you can tour the world with your seduction show. With those three skills you will be able to run your business.

”Often people will grab me and drag me around to meet their friends, “This is Tony. Some people will think you are a creepy weirdo, and some men will worship you like a slutty deity.

One of the most commonly done social activity by the people is called dating.

Basically speaking, dating is a stage of having a romantic or sexual relationship with another individual, and it most likely started with friendship and hopefully, blossoms into a more committed intimate relationship and marriage.

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