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At small age he has earn many thing and he is dependent boy.Dylan is also a musician and actor, he was born on the month of December 29, 1996 and he is only of 18 years. Some are hyper- sexualized, as in the over-the-top soap operas, like “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Melrose Place.” Then there are the exhibitionists, in reality shows like “High School Confidential” “16 and Pregnant” and another coming-of-age effort, “My Life as Liz,” about mean girl angst, beginning Monday on MTV.Finally there is a rare breed, the self-aware young thinkers, glimpsed in occasional intelligent hours that give voice to teen angst beyond lust.He was too interest in filming line so he has done many process to be successful.There is no information about his education but it is sure that he has done honors of degrees in acting and drama.He mixes it up with a terrific Mc Cormack, as his pot-addled pal, and Jones confides in her gay co-worker (Elijah Wood).And yet those sitcom staples don't sink the ship.

Their bond is hell on their mutual friends (Ari Graynor and Eric Christian Olsen), and especially on their dating lives. More surprisingly, they also play their characters for real, letting confusion and hurt seep in between the sillier setups.“Life Unexpected” falls close to the “Girlmore Girls” antecedent: It’s the story of an immature teen mother now grown and bonding with her worldly wise teen daughter.How relevant is the subject of a former teen mom now raising a teen?Credit director Lee Toland Krieger, of the underrated , for keeping just the right emotional balance as Celeste alienates a series of suitors (Rafi Gavron, Chris Messina) and Jesse tries to do the right thing by a pregnant one-night stand (Rebecca Dayan).I have included a preview image, the release date, cast, director and synopsis for each film over the next six pages.

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