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Change the letter to an actual date when you have banks entry. The first time you test you would probably invoke the macro ... For easier use in invoking the Insert Rows And Fill Formulas macro, I use a toolbar button — A display of my custom buttons can be seen on that page. Mc Ritchie, 2004-06-10, newusers lastrow = Cells(Cells. I have a workbook that I would like to open and not have it ask to update links, (exact message is : "This workbook contains links to other data sources. The Activate sub was not suppressing the Update Link request.To see the steps for removing this warning, please watch this short video tutorial. The next time you record a macro, the toolbar should automatically appear.Note: When you're finished recording, click the Stop Recording button.Note that data links can be used to access and share confidential information without your permission and possibly perform other harmful acts. Do not update the links if you do not trust the source of this workbook." ) What I would like to do is open the workbook by clicking on the file in Internet Explorer and have the links update but not ask for the user to click the button to update. If "Assign Macro" is not an option, then the button is from the Active X Controls.

This will cause the function to be executed whenever a calculation occurs in the workbook.

What you are doing there is Event programming, which has to match with what you are trying to react to. Events will react to something happening, and cannot be run normally.

Screen Updating = True End Sub You will have to put the macro in the code for the sheet itself, not in a separate module.

Screen Updating = False ' Clear the color of all the cells Active Sheet.

Color Index = 0 With Active Cell ' Highlight the entire row and column that contain the active cell .

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